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17/10/08 Sheffield Millennium Hall

On Arriving in sheffield, it strikes me again how messed up the road system/signs for directions are for most places in England. can’t make a U turn anywhere in the city of sheffield it seems! as we where just an hour away from huddersfield, there was plenty of time beforesound check, so had a wander around the city centre! ( mainly looking for a charger for my phone)….

Our drummer for this date (Winston Clifford) has taken a serious interest in my looping device, taking every spare moment to create vocal loops…we leave him looping and having loads of fun with the (Looperlative) as me and Bassist Mark Hodgson head out for an evening meal before the gig.

I start the first set with VocalSuite (always like to start my shows with something completely improvised) as i get into this baroque type improve piece i notice the light on my radio mic saying ‘Goodbye’, the battery is completly dead! i look over to Winston and see him bowing his head in embarrassment!

is it me or are these 9v batteries we buy today not as powerful as they were years ago? this was a new one i put in at sound check (6pm), and i could’nt get 2hrs use from it! well all was’nt lost as i had started to capture some of the ideas and quickly replace the battery.This is the beauty about live music (especially Improvised music)….completely different from the day before! sound of the hall, accoustics, people, and we played the two 1hr sets accordingly.

16/10/08 Huddersfield-Lawrence Batley Theatre

First time I’ve been on the M1
heading up north of a long time
and….you guest it! major accident..long
delays etc..but we all still got to the venue in good time.
Felix and the tech crew @ the Lawrence Batley Theatre were extremely helpful!
even riggin up my portable video and hardisk recorder from the the lights!

(which ended up not being such a good
Idea as there was loads of noise from the lights on the recording).

The setup I bring out on the road is:

Looperlative (looping device)
Portable mackee mixer
Lexicon reverb
Cordless mic
Beringer Foot controller.

Gig went really smooth being the
first one of this tour!
nice appreciative crowd.
Had a couple there that saw
one of my performances over
twenty years ago…wow time fly’s.