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Press Quotes


“history shows that it’s Cleveland’s ability to connect the jazz tradition and the “Songbook” with ever changing sounds of the underground – from roots reggae to drum & bass - that makes him totally unique.”….PB..Straight No Chaser..

“ A possibly unique unit of voice,bass,and drums,the group nevertheless manages to convey the entire jazz aesthetic by musical implication, while at the same time having all the internal spaciousness you’d expect”. JazzUK

“Cleveland Watkiss was voted best vocalist in the wire/guardian awards three years running and there is no doubt he arrived on the scene with a bang”… Hackney Gazette

“Best male jazz singer in Britain”… Evening Standard

“The Sonny Rollins Of The Human Voice”… TimeOut 

“Was’nt he awesome? what it takes us 6 to do he does it all by himself”… Take 6

“Watkiss’ larger than life stage presence and highly original scatting brought the band into the desired higher gear, bringing out great solos”… Jazzwise

Singing with just bass (Mark Hodgson) and drums (Shaney Forbes) for company is a somewhat risky business, requiring sharp ears and quick musical reflexes, but Cleveland Watkiss has always been blessed with these advantages, so is able to seize and hold an audience’s attention solely with the power and versatility of his voice…Chris Parker

“Every phrase oozes distinctive musicianship”… The Stage

“The trio live is such a great experience - that’s about the bravest line-up any singer can put them self in, and you played it like you lived there :o) That, my dear man, is class”… Steve Lawson

“A jazz legend”….. Telegraph

“There’s no mistake the class in his voice”… Daily Mail

“Cleveland Watkiss was simply made for the lead of Bridgetower..it could be a career high to date”…. Jazzwise

“Watkiss has been acknowledged as one of the worlds most outstanding male jazz singers”… The Guardian

“Cleveland Watkiss’s jazz vocals as the adult Bridgetower are irresistible: every word tells”… The Times 

“He is a genuine virtuoso”… The Independent

“What he does do is write and perform sensitive, often heart-warmingly beautiful songs and sing them in a voice that recalls Ray Charles and Bobby McFerrin. He is a master of late-night mood music, and a versatile composer, equally at home with Latin, Jamaican, Cuban and classic R&B styles.”… James Griffiths….Guardian