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16/11/08 Royal Festival Hall Support for Take 6!

A’cappella Groups don’t come much better than TAKE 6, so when i was asked to open there show (with VocalSuite)  as part of LJF 2008 in the now refurbished RFH i was more than delighted. I’ve been a big fan of there’s from way back in the day when they were first called ‘Alliance’. a student friend of mine had a cassette tape he played me and not since hearing Bobby McFerren had i heared A’cappella music with such soul and precision.

My freind and sound man that night the great Nixon Rosembert did an amazing job in the sound check! as i walked on this massive stage (probably the biggest stage for VocalSuite to date) it hit my how grand this really was….i did my thing within 40mins and got really great support and encouragement from the crowd. As Take 6 opened there show ( as you can imagine if you were not there they were awesome) gave me the biggest complement by saying ” was’nt he awesome?  what it take’s us six to do this guy does it all by himself”


22/11/08 live @ Artsdepot- Finchley

Between oct/nov 2008 for a six week period, in conjunction with Serious (music promoters) and as part of the london Jazz festival (LJF) 2008, I’ve been working on a vocal workshop program for two Primary schools in Barnett north london (Colindale and Holly Park) called ‘Vocal Express’, with up to 120 children teaching them the Art of Jazz and Scat singing.

This ended with a concert @ the Artsdepot with the children’s Re-Written lyrics to standards like ‘A Foggy Day In London town’ and ‘Pick Your Self Up’ and some of the most adventurous Scat Singing i’ve ever heard and a fun time had by all.

 My Trio was also programed to play a week later as part of LJF 2008! we had a soldout show with a lot of elderly folks in attendence. after the first solo voice piece i began to describe the process and the technology i was using i found it quite amusing how hip this audience was to this kind of technology! this is a newish venue with loads of potential for great live concerts in the future.

7/11/08 Live & the Cube-Derby

7th november 2008! only 3 days after what for me is the most exiting day of my life,America Elect’s Barack Obama as there next President, so thats all the talk on this journey btw me shane, and driver dj le Rouge….a man for all the people? well at least nearly 200 million in the USA and millions around the world think so! at long last, a shinning torch of hope and promise of Change. only three weeks ago the worlds finance system looked like it was gonna crumble!

and now, the prospect of real change! an opportunity maybe to wipe the slate and start again (The  Real Revolution).

all the crap our so called leaders have been doing ( esp over the last decade)….and now.. a chance for world unity.

Unlike most people’s predictions,i believe Barack Obama will do a quick job of fixing the problems…sure! he’s got a heavy task ahead, but has the support of the people on an un-presidented scale.i felt i had the support of the people @ the Cube on the 7th nov, playing to a full hse of listeners and supporters, knowing that for the next two hours they will come on a journey! our journey through sound, text and visual.

Needless to say tonight’s performance is dedicated to the new President Elect! i’m thinking right now how Jazz has transformed my life in so many ways, meeting many people from around the world…forging long and lasting relationships,getting a perspective of the world though a jazz lens. Before we hit the stage i challenge shane (who has taken up boxing) to a sparring match..he’s much younger and faster than me but i’m hangin in there! he’s moving around like a whippet…i can’t get a fix on him..ding..ding!….he’s saved by the the bell! its show time… i’m out of breath and have to start the set! solo voice.

its one of those gigs where there are no direct monitors only out front speakers,so the ears have to work much harder so i can project the right vocal sound.Two great musicians in the house! my special guest Corey Mwamba and Dennis Rollins, Vibes And Trombone Respectively.There is a spirit of celebration in the Cube to night!

Oh! by the way, did i mention Barack Obama is the first Black President?

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