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16/11/08 Royal Festival Hall Support for Take 6!

A’cappella Groups don’t come much better than TAKE 6, so when i was asked to open there show (with VocalSuite)  as part of LJF 2008 in the now refurbished RFH i was more than delighted. I’ve been a big fan of there’s from way back in the day when they were first called ‘Alliance’. a student friend of mine had a cassette tape he played me and not since hearing Bobby McFerren had i heared A’cappella music with such soul and precision.

My freind and sound man that night the great Nixon Rosembert did an amazing job in the sound check! as i walked on this massive stage (probably the biggest stage for VocalSuite to date) it hit my how grand this really was….i did my thing within 40mins and got really great support and encouragement from the crowd. As Take 6 opened there show ( as you can imagine if you were not there they were awesome) gave me the biggest complement by saying ” was’nt he awesome?  what it take’s us six to do this guy does it all by himself”


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